Croatian Information Technology Association
Societies and Forums

There are several organisations of ICT active within the scope of CITA aiming to introduce and apply ICT technology more quickly and more effectively, and to open the opportunities of the exchange of skills and experiences, as e.g.:

  • Open computer systems and Internet
  • Oracle technologies
  • Young informaticians
  • Linux technologies
  • GIS technologies
  • SAP solutions
  • ECDL test centres

Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet (HrOpen) was founded in 1992 with the intention to promote the development and advancement in applying these systems in the Republic of Croatia (RH), which is being implemented by organising seminars, lectures and workshops, by establishing the collaboration with the experts and associations for open systems and Internet in Croatia and abroad, by encouraging the usage of program support in the field of Open Source and Free Software.
One of the most important activities of the Society is the annual conference «Open Systems Days» (DORS) organised for the purpose of informing people about open systems, their usage, the experiences of users and problems in application.
It should be also added that HrOpen participates in training activities for teachers of primary and secondary schools to use open systems, and it is also very active in technical committees of the Croatian Institute for Standardization in the field of open systems, introducing and applying international standards.

Croatian ORACLE User Group (HrOUG) has been active ever since 1995 working on the exchange of skills and experiences of users in the application of ORACLE technologies, and on the improvement of the relationship between the users and ORACLE Corporation.

The annual conference of Oracle users needs to be specially pointed out with several hundred of participants with goal to make people acquainted with the new Oracle products and present the new solutions for users, with the existing problems, the talks with the representatives of Oracle organisation, etc.
Croatian Society of Young Informaticians(HrSIN) was founded in 1985 with an intention to organise the work of young informaticians, to carry out the program of works and to provide help to members, organise district and state competitions, winter schools and summer camps for informaticians, preparations and participations of young informaticians at international competitions, information schools and manifestations, and organising the competitions for software works of young informaticians and their presentation.
There are several thousand young people being active in HrSIN and the best of them participate successfully at state, regional, European and world Olympiads in informatics for young people, where they have won more than 100 medals.
HrSINorganised successfully in 2007 the World Olympiad in Informatics in Zagreb, and this year they won one gold and three Olympic medals.

Croatian Linux Users Group (HULK) was founded in 1966 in order to promote the operational system Linux, to advise and inform the members about new achievements in open standards and technologies, to help those who are interested how to use Linux, to organise the program of translating well known open programs and system, to collaborate with other societies, as HrOpen, and others.
HULK maintains the Central Linux portal in Croatia (www.linux.hr), organises central Linux conference (cluc.linux.hr), adjusts Linux to the users in Croatia, and generates open code programs.

Croatian Society of Geographic IS (HrGIS) was founded in 1994 in order to make GIS technologies popular and organise education in GIS, to promote the production of national GIS standards, to participate at European projects and programs, to organise professional presentations at Croatian and international gatherings, to raise the level of skills in the field of GIS technologies at the faculties and vocational schools, to collect and distribute the publications and professional works in GIS.
HrGISorganises successfully annual conferences titled „GIS Odyssey“ where GIS works are presented, professional exhibitions and manifestations held.
In collaboration with the embassy of the Republic Poland in Zagreb the exhibition «New and Old Polish Maps» was held in Zagreb last year, and the this year the exhibition with the same topic will be held in Poland, this time with Croatian maps.
In collaboration with the State Geodetic Agency from Zagreb and the one from Warsaw, the work on the project of producing maps and plans for blind and low vision people is being continued.

Croatian Society of SAP users (HrUSKO) organises mutual communication of users with the firm SAP and helps in exchanging the information among the members, organises professional conferences for the users of SAP tool and databases, represents the interest of the members in publication of their new products, organises a demo centre of new program products, as well as the teams for testing beta versions, organises mutual performance of the members at Croatian and international fairs, exhibitions, conferences.

Croatian Society of ECDL test centres (HrECDL) unites the activity of test centres in Croatia dealing with the problems of introducing and applying ECDL in Croatia, the introduction of new versions of ECDL programs, publishing literature, ECDL marketing, and delivering the conclusions and suggestions to ECDL Croatia.