Croatian Information Technology Association
About CITA

Croatian Information Technology Association (CITA) (www.hiz.hr), is the umbrella organisation of Croatian ICT experts founded in 1975, ever since it has been acting continuously with the goal to create the conditions for faster and more efficient introduction and application of ICT:
• by advocating the status and the quality of profession
• by initiating and implementing the projects of mutual interest
• by promoting and using open systems
• by encouraging and organising the participation of the young in ICT
• by exchanging skills and experiences in using ICT
• by organising professional gatherings
CITA participates in the work of international ICT associations of informatics experts; regional, ITSTAR (www.starbus.org), European, CEPIS (www.cepis.org) and the world, IFIP (www.ifip.org).

The organisations ECDL Croatia and EUCIP Croatia are active within CITA.
CITA has got the licence for carrying out the certification users of personal computer according to ECDL standards (www.ecdl.com) and (www.ecdl.hr), and the certification of professional ICT experts (www.eucip.com) and (www.eucip.hr) in Croatia.
CITA participates in the programs of the European Union.

The members of CITA are included into implementation of the National ICT strategy, especially The strategy of electronically business in the Republic of Croatia for the period between 2007 – 2010.

There are more than 200 legal entities active in CITA, and a few thousand of individuals.